I mentioned before Alex had won a writing contest,
the prize brunch for 2. Here's what he wrote:

"Why my Mom is the Greatest"

by Alex Bain

Mom is the greatest because she
made a crispy crunch cake for my
Dad's birthday. She put the cake
pan on the bottom for 2 hours. We
put the trampoline up so we could
jump on it.
Happy Birthday Dad!

just a note, "on the bottom" he means
"upside down" (angelfood cake) and
in case anyone wants to try this
WONDERFUL cake........
split an angelfood cake in 3 layers. Whip
a pint of whipping cream. Smash up 3 or 4
Crispy Crunch (score, whatever) bars and
soak them in 1/4 cup rum or liqueur. Fold
that into the whipped cream, fill and frost.
put it in the fridge for 8 hours...ENJOY!!!!!