The Consultant's Calling

I am tired...
Tired of being understanding, tired of listening, tired of relating.
I am tired of caring, of initiating, of being strong, of being my
better self.
I want to rest.

I know more than I have learned.
I have experienced more than I have absorbed.
I need to slow down to catch up.

It is someone else's turn.
Someone else's turn to clarify, to risk, to comfort, to support.
It is my turn to sit back, to care less, to be silent, to coast.

I want to be the rest of me.
I want to be surrounded by softness in light, sound and touch.
I want pillows and pleasures, comfort, quiet and calm.

I want it all to come easily.
I want friends who ask nothing.
I want a lover to care for me.
I want to go home.

--Geoffrey M. Bellman